Affordable, Unobtrusive, and Lasting Impressions is what you find in Alesca Video Productions. Established in 2005, Alesca Video Productions is committed to preserving every moment of your wedding day one frame at a time. With our ability to discreetly and creatively capture all the tender kisses, joy filled tears and intimate moments, which will forever be at your reach to relive the wonderful start of your new life together. From the first consultation to the final editing process Alesca Video Productions will be with you every step of the way to insure a romantic, elegant wedding video.


4hrs complete coverage Ai??6hrs photograph

  • Ai??Single Cameraman / 1 Photographer
  • Ai??1 DVD all images High Res
  • 1 Edited DVD Copy

6hrs complete coverage Ai??8 hrs photography
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  • Single Cameraman /Two Photographers
  • Wedding Recap / Formal Video
  • 1 DVD all images High Res
  • 3 Edited DVDsAi?? / Custom Thumb Drive
  • online

  • Raw Footage
  • Cheap


  • 2nd Cameraman
  • Wedding Recap
  • Formal Video
  • Dance Montage
  • online

  • Through your Eyes ( Flip Cam)
  • Same Day Edit
  • Additional DVD Copies
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