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Sports At Alesca Productions, we do much more than just weddings and parties. We also cover sporting events of all kinds. In fact, we are now a part of GetAi??U Recruited, a new division devoted entirely to producing sports videos.Whether itai??i??s your childai??i??s first tee ball game, a professional hockey game, or anything in between, we at Get U Recruited treat every event with the same level of care and attention to detail. Our entire staff of videographers are not just ai???hired gunsai??? with cameras, weai??i??re all sports lovers and athletes ourselves. When we assign someone to cover your event, it is because we have confidence that person has extensive knowledge of your particular sport, either from having participated in it, from their experience filming it, or just from being a fan. Whatever the case, you will know that they share the same passion for the sport that you or your child does.

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